Job Details
Intern-Frontend Developer - AngularJS/React (Remote)
Remote Job
UI Engineer (Frontend)

What will you be doing?


Engineering Internship (Frontend) at f1Studioz is a Program created to support budding tech students to get lifetime experience from ongoing live projects on Frontend technologies with a major focus on AngularJS/ React /HTML/CSS and Javascript. As you collaborate with our Design and Development team coming from across the globe, you would get to learn most of the things that are essential to a full-time opportunity in Front-End Web Development. 


Engineering Interns are expected to be part of us for at least 3-4 months to get experience in different products to a better extent. Your day to day task would include but not be limited to,


  1. Support the Engineering team on Understanding the problem, Breaking them down into smaller problems, and finding the right solutions
  2. Help us with Angular JS/ React HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, etc.
  3. Assist us in Responsive Web Development, Interactive Webpage Building, etc
  4. Help us by giving an awesome experience through the seamless and smooth integration of your developed modules to the Products of our client partners.


What you should be having?


  1. Students pursuing B.Engineering / B.Tech / M.Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology Space from Engineering Colleges
  2. Engineering students who have a passion and have learned core skills of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript to start their Internship. If you have any javascript framework prior knowledge like Angular, React JS or Vue.js, then it’s well and good.
  3. People looking for full-time engineering/tech jobs and think are yet to learn from us through live-projects
  4. Who has already interned/worked with startups and demonstrated their core Front End Web Development skills.
  5. A passionate person whose interest is always solving complex problems.
  6. Someone keen on Enterprise Projects. 
  7. Do you have a story to convey? Do you also have a portfolio to prove your skills? 


What do we offer?


  • We would surely give you the best complex projects to get you the experience you deserve.
  • Competitive design/development team to work with.
  • Stipend and company-wide holidays, anniversary trips. 
  • Surely a full-time offer from us if you prove to be good, during the internship period. 
  • Fun working culture with virtual team building activities and meetings, 
  • Stress-free team to work with, ever-growing opportunity to take up more exciting projects from across domains and move ahead on your career ladder day by day.
  • A good mentor allocation for each intern and freedom to show your talent. 
  • 5 Days working culture and flexibility based on project